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Reiki Attunement Testimonies – Reiki Practitioners Share …
I showed up to work a couple of days later and talked to my friend, who I also worked with at the time, and asked if she had remotely attuned me. She said yes, as if she already knew what I was about to say. I think Reiki is legitimate, … Read Article

Reader Concerns: Fraudulent Reiki Certifications
From My Mail BoxGood morning, I have a concern about Reiki Masters. I feel they should be registered somewhere as in my case I have a student who is claiming I. Judging does not work for me. Some people live in the world of duality where there is good/bad..right/wrong. … Read Article

Why Reiki Works – YouTube
Why Reiki Works & Sometime Doesn't Work 12.9.12 Minette Howell http://minettehowell.yolasite.com/ http://minettehowell.com https://www.facebook.com/MinetteHowel http … View Video

Talk:Energy Medicine – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
More studies on HT and Reiki in relieving pain are needed. More studies including children are also required to evaluate the effect of touch on children. Reference 7 (Astin et al 2000) we are left with "does it work". And the answer would appear to be no. … Read Article

Chromotherapy – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Reiki; Shiatsu; Therapeutic touch; NCCAM classifications: Alternative Medical Systems; Mind-Body Intervention; Biologically Based Therapy; Manipulative Methods; Energy Therapy; See also: Alternative medicine; a work on color therapy. … Read Article

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Psychic, Healer Sees Greater Acceptance
CHESTER – Nancy Weber, a psychic who gained notoriety in the 1980s when she helped authorities locate a killer in Mount Olive, said people are more disappointed in traditional medicine and more willi … Read News

Faith Healing – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The American Cancer Society states "available scientific evidence does not support claims that faith healing can or concurrent with the healing work supposedly taking place and claim that faith healing is a quack practice in which the "healers" use well known Reiki; Ufology; Resources … Read Article

Does Anyone Know Anything About Energy Healing?
I've heard of other people having "energy work" done, but I have no idea what that means. FloggingSully. floggingsully Jul 13 2011 15:53 Member posts Send message #4 I do Reiki, but I agree it works because we believe it does … Read Article

Reiki Healing – Become A Reiki Master – Reiki Training – YouTube
How does Reiki Work? The energy of Reiki works by gently opening you up to the understanding that you are the creator of your own reality — that there is no greater power than you. … View Video

5th Wk Thur Nite Reiki Circle. Is Belief Part Of Reiki? Part …
5th Wk Thur Nite Reiki Circle. Is Belief part of Reiki? part 5 What is Reiki, How does Reiki work. … View Video

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