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Healing Videos: Instructional Tapes – About Holistic Healing …
How to videos giving step-by-step instructions in several healing modalities such as drumming, yoga, tai chi, massage, arthritic care, body/mind, reiki, etc. … Read Article

Mind, Body, Spirit
Reiki; Remote Healing; Therapeutic Drumming; Time Line Therapy; Natural Remedies. Old fashioned remedies, common sense treatment, and chicken soup cures. Vibrational Medicine; Flower Essences Remedies; Hot and Cold Compresses; How To Make a Holistic Health Kit; … Read Article

YTH-Reiki Drumming(2/2) – YouTube
This is an episode of Your Total Health – a public access informational series on topics related to holistic health. This episode, hosted by Tere Banks, discusses "Reiki … View Video

Reiki Drum Share Spring Equinox 2011 – YouTube
Reiki Drum Share, Sheering, Essex Spring Equinox 2011 to coincide with the global 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony. Thirty Four drummers met together for Reiki, drumming, healing … View Video

Okinawa Prefecture – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Okinawan culture also features the eisa dance, a traditional drumming dance. A traditional craft, the fabric named bingata, is made in workshops on the main island and elsewhere. The Okinawan diet consist of low-fat, low-salt foods, such as fish, tofu, and seaweed. … Read Article

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Events 5-10-13
Doubleday Publishers is hosting a live stream presentation by author Dan Brown ( Da Vinci Code ), from Lincoln Center, NYC, beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m. … Read News

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